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While living, Aeglyss was a devout Oracle of Pharasma, a crusader against the Undead. His thwarting of multiple a lich bought the ire of some powerful foes. Following yet another Necromancer, Aeglyss and his party were ambushed by strong undead including a low ranking Demon named Geteran. Everyone in the party was slain except Aeglyss, sacrificed to Gerteran to give him power and food. The Demon saw raw power in Aeglyss and so he took the Oracle back to his lair and began a long procedure in breaking the spirit of this young man through torture and magic. For years he was subjected to unfathomable brutality and dark magic until he finally broke. When he did, special phantom shackles were placed on his hands and feet, controlling him. He went through the rituals to become a Lich and became a dominating force for the army of the Undead.

Untold time passed until the Demon Geteran was finally ready to put his plans into action. He sent Aeglyss to the town of Pike to begin raising an army of undead. With the village council under his control, Aeglyss began the biddings of his master, using the town's villagers as test subjects to create the perfect undead. But before he could complete his assignment, a party of brave adventurers came to stop the Lich. Battling through his horde and trapped keep, the party brought the Lich to his knees and freed him from his shackles. Freed from his subjugation, Aeglyss saw what he had become and vowed revenge against Geteran. He opened a portal to Geteran's domain and with the party of adventurers took the fight to Geteran. A terrible battle ensued, with several of the party falling to Geteran's hand. Only in the last moments did the Goddess Pharasma come to their aid, giving Aeglyss holy power to smite the Demon down. Once the battle was over and the fallen put to rest, Aeglyss took to the road, a ghastly creature sworn to his deity once more, sworn to aid those adventurers looking to stop the armies of the dead. 

Race: Augmented Human

Age: Unknown

Level: Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Oracle

Str: 10

Dex: 10

Con: -

Int: 14

Wis: 10

Cha: 22

AC: 19

HP: Unknown

DR: 20/cold iron/magic

EQUIPMENT: Winged Boots, Robe of Bones