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This character was made purely for this amazing art. Thanks to Michael Szilagyi for the class combination idea and for sharing the image on our Facebook meme group "My DND Group".

Artist: ------ Please help me find the artist so that I may credit them for this amazing piece of work. --saccillia

Name: Work in progress

Class: Druid/Monk

Background Idea: Perhaps due to madness, or perhaps due to a freak accident with a wild magic sorcerer, this druid had the brilliant idea of combining his wild shape with martial arts. Of course, he was not content with merely being a boxing bear. He had to go farther. Thus, he found a way to morph his fists into bears.

As a side effect, his damage type for his fists are converted to piercing, for each fist has the ability to bite. Additionally, he can go into a mad frenzy. It could have been the wild magic, or the years of isolation, or some weird mushroom he ate, but damn if he isn't intimidating.