"I am not going to die like the rest of you lemmings out there! When I die, I'll die doing what I love, being me!"
Mat "MSG" Allen, (originally named Mat'Selesnya Allen), is one of Rakdos's most notorious performers. A punk rock singer and gitarist with known reputation for his gruesome, violent, and transgression acts on stage, ranging from self-mutilation to killing and reanimating members of his audience. He and his bandmates, collectively called "Kannibals of Rix Maadi" AKA K.O.R.M,

Mat, the Flower Child Edit

Mat Allen was human born to a small woodland family within the vast City-Scape of Ravnica. His mother and father were both extremely devoted the Selesnya Conclave, doing whatever they can to align themselves to the will of Mat'Selesnya. They regard individuality to be a sin and a hindrance to becoming one with the Worldsoul. His mother actually gave him the name Mat'Selesnya, in the hope this will facilitate his upbringing into the Conclave. Mat grew to despise his upbringing and would often look back at that time of his life as being brought up in a prison. He would often destroy some of the family gardens and harass some of the woodland animals, only for him to be punished by being locked away in the basement for hours on end.

Eventually Mat was able to escape his parents clutches one night, after a pack of nightmares stormed across their scared garden. The packs' umbral nature had inadvertently led Mat Allen down below the trenches of Precinct Three. Thus begins his descent into the clutches of the under city.



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