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Tatl Ruma

Medium Humanoid (Hobgoblin), Lawful Evil

Class & Level - Paladin, Level 1

Background - Soldier

AC - 16 (*18 with Shield equipped)

HP - 11 , Hit Dice - 1d10

Speed - 30ft

STR (15, +2); DEX (11, +0); CON (12, +1); INT (14, +2); WIS (10, +0); CHA (14, +2)

Skills - Athletics +4, Insight +2, Intimidation +4, Persuasion +4

Saving Throws - Wisdom +2, Charisma +4

Senses - Passive Perception 10, Darkvision 60ft

Languages - Common, Goblin

Armor: All armor, Shields

Weapons: Simple weapons, Martial weapons

Tools: A Deck of Cards, Vehicles (Land)

Feature - Military Rank (*Quartermaster)

  • Martial Training
  • Saving Face


  • Divine Sense (3)
  • Lay on Hands - *Healing pool = Current Level x 5



  • Backpack
  • Explorer's Pack - Bedroll, Mess Kit, Tinderbox, 10 Torches, 10 Days of Rations, Waterskin, 50ft of Hempen Rope
  • Chain Mail, Shield
  • Flail, 5 Javelins
  • Insignia of Rank (coin-badge), Trophy (a broken blade)
  • Holy Symbol (Pendant depicting a bloody axehead)
  • A Deck of Cards
  • A set of Common Clothes, 10 GP

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KEY CHARACTERISTICS

Personality Trait - My favour, once lost, is lost forever. I'm always polite and respectful (when in public).

Ideal - In life as in war, the stronger force wins.

Bond - My honour is my life.

Flaw - I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LOOSE OUTLINE (*Feel free to adjust Tatl to better suit your particular campaign and flesh out her backstory further if you feel necessary)

Tatl Ruma is the identical twin sister of Tael Ruma, their similarities stop there. She, like most Hobgoblins, is a devout follower of Maglubiyet and must serve her duties of conquest in his name and to ensure the collective prosperity of the horde. Her family are proud practitioners of the 'Path of Iron Shadow'; female members are largely expected to fulfil the role of scouts in times of war, but also to turn an inward eye towards the horde and root out any signs of weakness, akin to secret police. Whereas Tatl had ambitions to rise in the ranks of her regiment and cultivate more and more power and influence, Tael, though appearing supportive externally, did not care for this particular way of life: she was perpetually afraid of dying and what that entailed, not only remaining subservient to a very impersonal deity but never receiving any individual recognition, just another cog in a machine that need not be beautiful nor appreciative of virtue, and could not perceive having any joy in that. When sent ahead of her sister and the rest of their regiment during an early mission, Tael defected. Tael was now to be considered a coward and marked to die. Tatl was at a loss. As far as she was concerned this was the ultimate insult, she considered herself close to her sibling and never gained any hint of betrayal, something especially damaging to the reputation of the Ruma family in her eyes, though her accomplishments in the field suggested otherwise. She has recently been subleted alongside other soldiers to temporarily serve [TOWN PATRON]'s interests, largely providing protection in exchange for allowing the horde access to the local mines (needed to collect vital materials to forge new weapons). It is Tatl's personal mission however to hunt down and confront Tael and try to talk some sense into her sister, bringing her back to their home encampment with a sword in hand... or in pieces, whatever comes easier.