"Taxonomists have fought over the classification of unicorns for generations. They constantly switch between Fey and Celestial in our encyclopedias. What can be said, however, is that unicorns have an immensely positive influence on the land they reside in. There are also rumors that these magical creatures may even be able to make contracts with mortals, not unlike those made by Outsiders and Fiends." --Scholar of Magical Creatures

The Unicorn of the Forest Edit

Name of the forest, related to the unicorn.

The effects of the unicorn on the forest.

The Unicorn, by name Edit

about the unicorn, his apparent age, and his ambitions/goals

the three maidens Edit

note their race, personality, and pact boon, and their designated goal by the unicorn.

(Pact of the chain: Familiar)

(Pact of the Blade: Unicorn dagger)

(Pact of the Tome: Book)

as they exit the forest, the influence of the unicorn changes. Edit

how they change in personality, start to develope their own ideas, and possibly question their goals.

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