Vercing is the eldest son of Baron Torgin von Gallan (Captain of the Kingdom's Bloodletters and powerful Warlock). He is a very tall human with a strong build, pale, handsome features and raven black hair that is neatly kept in the latest noble fashions. Growing up he was groomed for the position he would inherit. Hours of tutoring by the court wizard and drills by the master of arms turned the boy into a well versed, fit young man.

On his 20th name day he and his father ventured into an old, crumbling ruin deep in the catacombs of the family's ancient keep. There, in witness of his Lord Father, Vercing took a blood pledge to the family guardian simply known as "The Watcher". Swearing to uphold the family name, defend his people, and stand for the teachings of old. Officially a Warlock of the von Gallan family, Vercing set off into the unknown to hone his powers and bring fortune and fame to his name before he takes his place as head of the family. To aid in his travels, the family sent him out with a thoroughbred mule named "Beast" and, after much demand and fuss, the company of Jeffray, a house servant who has looked after young Vercing since he was a child. Together they travel the world in search of their destiny.

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Age: 20

STR: 13

DEX: 14

CON: 16

WIS: 14

INT: 16

CHA: 17

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